Happy children mean happy parents. See what our parents have to say about us.

“Our 17 month old son Tom has been going to Little Monkey’s Victoria Street Nursery since March of 2017. He attends nursery 5 days a week. From day one, the staff there have been amazing with him. They are engaged, helpful and caring when it comes to looking after all the children that attend. I have been particularly impressed with the number of activities that they will do with the children – both in the nursery, and out and about around Windsor. Further, the written records of Tom’s development have been fantastic. Both my husband and I feel very lucky to have Tom enrolled in a nursery where the staff are so dedicated to tracking this. Finally – the FOOD! The menu is varied and interesting and the meals are delicious. Tom never seems to have a problem finishing what’s on his plate…! We feel lucky to have found a nursery that Tom loves so much. We have 100% trust in the staff there, and would absolutely recommend it to any parent looking for somewhere to send their child.”

“Both my children have really enjoyed going to Little Monkeys the girls that work there seem to genuinely love their jobs and really care about all the little individual characters they look after.”

“We first came to Little Monkeys as it had a warm friendly family environment. With a baby with various medical and dietary requirements we were worried what child care to choose. Little Monkeys has been outstanding in meeting all our needs, we are very happy with her care and my child is now a bright, happy, caring and confident child ready for school.”

“Little Monkeys is a brilliant nursery. We visited plenty and for us Little Monkeys stood out a mile. My son has been going for 7 months now and loves it. He only goes one day a week but settled in really quickly. Just goes to show how good the staff are. They’re always smiling and so does my son when he’s there. We feel very lucky that Matteo has a place there.”

“My little one has been at this nursery since she was six months old and I don’t know what I would do without them! I feel like my daughter is left with her second family and she can’t wait to go to nursery in the morning. The staff truly care about the children as individuals and the way they track their development and ensure they are progressing is fantastic. I also feel very involved as a parent as well.”

“All three of my children have attended Little Monkeys Nursery and I truly believe it’s is a very special place. A real home from home for my boys over the last 7 years and I wouldn’t want to have left them anywhere else. Kind, caring and compassionate staff along with great food is the key to it’s success!”

“We loved the cosy, family-home-feel of Little Monkeys for our two children when they were small, and then, as they got older, the focus on supporting them to be happy and confident as they prepare for school.”

“My daughter has been at Little Monkeys from 7 months until now (3 years) and she really enjoys it. She is somebody who is slightly timid and Monkeys has really helped her to develop confidence. I kept her with Little Monkeys for her pre-school years because I really like the fact that she has such a bond with her carers and there is always at least one carer (usually 2 or 3) to greet her warmly in the morning and ask how she is today. If she is feeling under the weather the carers take extra time to give attention so she always feels special and loved. The staff are all caring and informative, the food is great and I am happy with all aspects of her care. My daughter talks warmly about all of her carers when we are away from pre-school too. The staff notice if she needs extra stimulation and set her new tasks to keep her busy and learning and she is already writing her name and other words aged 3.5.” Caroline S

“We chose the nursery because we noticed how well behaved and happy the children looked when they were out and about in Windsor and this is what we wanted for our children. Despite the fact there is no garden, the staff are committed to taking the children out on a regular basis. There is a lovely feel to the nursery and the staff make the effort to get to know all the individual personalities, nurture them and get them ready for the transition to school when the time comes.”

“My daughter started the nursery only 3 weeks ago. I have visited quite a few – I ended up placing my daughter in Little Monkeys Nursery (Victoria Street). They were so accommodating around family and work commitments, they welcomed my daughter and introduced her into the nursery environment – that she refers to as her little school (she is 2 at the moment). The whole journey home my daughter talks about her day, refers to her friends and calls nursery staff by their names in her stories. Listening to her stories of how her day went – you couldn’t be more happier when a child happily shares with you what they have explored. They go on a walks every day, watch trains, soldiers, plays activities I wouldn’t have such creativity even to make it – you name it. She talks about everything she saw – even refers to colours or specific items she has spotted on her walk. Their Staff is so friendly, so caring about you as a family unit as well as the child, very professional. I am so pleased!” Ausra D

“I have been so impressed with Little Monkeys. The staff are lovely and my son absolutely loves it there.  Since being in nursery his development has really stepped on. He’s much more confident and also a lot more social. I love coming into the nursery and hearing his laugh as I walk down the hall to collect him. The staff are so caring and you can see that they have built a real bond with him. A special shout-out to his key worker who has been absolutely amazing with him. He also loves his daily cuddles with another member of staff.
Would highly recommend this nursery and I’m so glad we picked Little Monkeys.” Ben Meddings

“Both my children have really enjoyed going to Little Monkey’s, the girls that work there seem to genuinely love their jobs and really care about all the little individual characters they look after.

I actually think not having outdoor space has been turned into a real plus: I love the fact that the children get out every day and go and experience somewhere different. Also developing skills crossing roads and walking together, holding hands, watching the soldiers or exercising on the beautiful Long Walk, opposite Windsor Castle or having fun across the road at Bachelors Acre.”

“I confess we came to you first because I work next door! And we had seen and heard good reports. We have stayed though because we love that you are all so friendly and we see that Matthew enjoys his time there doing lots of nice activities. We really like the rotation of rooms and think that varies the day more and so are really pleased with that change.”

“Robyn has attended both Victoria Street and the St Leonards Road nurseries. It is a testament to the staff at Little Monkey’s that she is very happy at both sites! She loves spending time with carers and her little friends, always eats every bit of the delicious food and particularly enjoys outings to see the soldiers and the trains (we hear choo choo a lot at home!). Little Monkey’s has helped Robyn grow from a shy baby, who didn’t like to leave mummy’s side, into a confident, chatty toddler, thank you!”

“We love Little Monkeys. Both our children have really enjoyed it and are happy and confident. The food is always homemade, healthy and they eat it all! The staff are wonderful, it really feels like “we’re all in it together”, staff and families, to look after the children.” Lucy B